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Squid Game - Working For A Hint

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"When the Pink Manager told the guard to get out, you knew exactly what was about to happen. She's began wearing tighter and tighter suits ever since you began eyeing her, hanging around when a manager wasn't needed. She ordered the guard to leave the gun, but you both know she doesn't need it. Your lewd gestures, that were reciprocated when no one else was looking, made that all too clear.

'Perform well, and I'll give you a hint on your next game...,' she cooly whispered as she unzipped her pink jumpsuit and laid on the edge of the bunkbed.

She DID turn off her voice modifier, and fraternization is against the rules. And hints are definitely not allowed! But at least she left her mask on?

This might be the best game yet."

Animation and sound by Dark Dreams artists Kaegantonovich (https://twitter.com/kaeg_antonovich ) and Volkor ( https://twitter.com/VolkorNSFW ), respectively, with voice by Cottontail ( https://twitter.com/CottontailVA ).

Watch it here: https://vrporn.com/squid-game-working-for-a-hint/

Support us at: https://subscribestar.adult/darkdreamsvr or https://www.patreon.com/DarkDreamsVR

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A little short and not my preferred position. Character and voice over was good.

okay, campers.
the next game is to see who can make me hard!

If the frontman is fucking her she is getting a raise.

Those motions... hypnotic... so great here too.


suck that pussy!