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he sneez.

made the latest additions to the model of my character, now he has jaws n can bite. watch out


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i love how this is animated!!!

Lion roar while sneezing

GRUB-LORD responds:

maybe it wasnt a sneeze... maybe there was a true beast inside of it trying to get out... but who knows, he is just smilin around

Looks like someone's gotten down with the sickness

The risky, structurally misleading robot.

Coming to a Borderlands mod near you.

For something really short, that was quite impressive. The best part is the animation. I mean, that's really all there is, right? Well, the sounds are pretty good too. So he does in fact have two eyes. When roaring, it looks like four eyes.

So he's wearing glasses? It kind of reminds me of Launch from "Dragonball". She turned into an insane woman when she sneezed. This could have used a background. It was still great.

GRUB-LORD responds:

oh yes these last character animations should really have some simple background but i truly want them to feel like those old animated shorts of random 3D toons doing stupid stuff on a blank void, the ones from around 2000/2010