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I Buried His Poop - Theo Von

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I WILL DRAW YOU! - https://www.patreon.com/jabatoons

Theo Von explains how he buried his friends poop growing up.

ORIGINAL VIDEO - https://youtu.be/tlVp7xYHc8w

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i had to write an essay on fecal transplants last week. thats exactly how it works

I like it

The characters are cute and funny the voice work is pretty amazing too, I think all this really needs is some subtitles Now here is another piece of film that has some decent Potential you are a Visionary of this Industry in the way of bringing some good effort along with some nifty ideas to the screen, Overall as this is ending ots notbad, So with all that said hope I didnt drag this on but Do want to say that it was for sure interesting and the style was nifty, I can see some small changes but not much. I like the Momentum and Enhanced and efforts.

I think all this really needs is some subtitles


I like this animation it is well drawn and animated. Kudos to the lip synchronization, great work there.

shit dig