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Imagined Becoming [Animation]

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As whoever you can imagine that being. And maybe it is what has been secretly happening in a hidden dimension.


Video also available at my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Umx01EUDDmcsrVW8i3jh9BHv6AWbCzZe/view?usp=sharing

Behind the scene notes:

This is the last Source Filmmaker animation from me. I wanted more flexibility and fewer trouble shootings.

Apologize for some sensitive eyes who may notice a few loop cuts in the scenes. I just left them in there; all these trouble shootings have been dragging this project way too long; compromise had to be made before I ran out of will to live (metaphorically). I'm gonna say that's one of the reasons why I want to move on from SFM. It had some issues with exporting videos and keeping them clean.

Another apology for the creators of the props that I used. I can't remember where they're from. It's been months. But if someone recognizes them and knows where they're from, let me know and I'll edit the description to credit them. And if they want this removed, I'll also do so.

I'm never comfortable using someone else's materials and this is another reason why I'm leaving SFM.

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Don't get me wrong, I do not want to say that this would be a bad animation. However, I feel like your older animations did a better job at conveying the "feel" of the scene. With 3D animations one is always at the risk that the result will look simple or "in-your-face", and I have the impression that this does not really fit your style, which I so far found very distinct from other creators in a positive way. Of course, this is only my opinion and other people might see this completely different!

I like the idea, what what is implied. The lack of actually showing, is unfortunate. I understand you are supposed to "imagine", but this doesn't provoke any imagination. Watch "Implications" if you want a good example of making you imagine something. Filling in the blanks, not picturing the whole scene. the last 2 scenes where you don't show hardly anything does nothing for anyone. Also, sound balance, run through a EQ and make sure the squishing isn't the loudest part so much so that it drowns out all other sounds.

Response edit: Having come back another day, reading what you said. I see what you are saying/trying to say (pretty sure I do).....
Yes, imagining being devoured has less personal experience to fill in any gaps in the imagination than other situations.
I also should take back what I said about "doing anything for anyone" because (as I have been reminded of on several occasions) everyone has different tastes, so I can't speak for anyone else. I can only make inferences based on trends I tend to notice in what is and is not popular, as well as mix in my own likes and dislikes.
My intention was more to draw attention to the lack of explicit reference. For what seems to be a 3rd party viewing experience. If the scene is to be used as a 1st person reference in which I am pretending to be the subject, a 1st person view would fit the "narrative" better. For example I could see where tentacles go, what they start to do, then as flesh wraps around me tighter and blocks my view, imagination takes over, then good sound and maybe a flash of 3rd person, or glimpse of depravity through the darkness, or simply fade to black as the view is blocked completely. However if the video is supposed to be for a 3rd party viewer watching some helpless victim, and viewing the subject through a gap, then you could do as you have done. Viewing through a gap in the flesh to see the vile acts on display. I still would not fully cover the action at the end though. As a "consumer" of such content, It is of my opinion that visual stimulation is key. Seeing the action is far more desirable than imagining it. If I wanted to imagine a situation, I would just picture it on my own, but when I browse the interwebs, I search for the visual.
This is your content, and I the viewer can only provide my own thoughts, as with all forms of art, intention and interpretation are not always the same. At the very least I hope to at least give you something to think about, to either reject as the rambling of some nobody or a glimpse at what one or more of your viewers is thinking when they view your content. At the end of the day, you created something, and I can not, so what does it really matter what I say.

vorentacle responds:

I'm wondering why you had problems with those parts. Because those were essential for some people for something like picturing themselves in it.

With Derpixon's animation you mentioned as well, I don't see the difference in cinematographic fundamentals.
Perhaps it is fairly easier to imagine standard sex since it is a subject of pun throughout the lifetime for many people but being cocooned in a mansion-sized flesh and making love to its tentacles needs a tad bit more references? I'm wondering if that's why because of something that many visual artists call "Visual Library". It's a point where they/us have to practice with a reference until that reference becomes part of the "Visual Library" of a person which then the person no longer needs the reference of it to apply it on works. I'm thinking it works the same with imagining something or "Filling the blanks" (with animations or, I guess, political news. Getting all philosophical now).
I did leave references in the animation before the last 2 scenes where she's completely covered. And I wanted to show that her body is completely covered (the whole animation is how she is imagining her situation, not necessarily what it is since she's fully covered the whole time and there won't be a space for a camera). So I'm not sure what more I could have done to tell the same story (other than half-transparent surfaces or written descriptions, which I've done before and they weren't the purpose for this video).

Maybe I'll write more to describe what's happening or switch in between half-transparent layers and non-transparent layers? Those do sound very delicious. But I always get to a point where I have to deal with the amount of extra workload for those added layers and the technicalities to synchronize them.

Gah, knowing and doing, the differences, the work and time that degrades the motivation the longer I have them, then the compromises before I kill myself...

Sorry, I'm ranting now, I'm realizing I'm mostly talking to myself (and I'm kinda enjoying it).

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Nov 8, 2021
12:55 AM EST