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Flash animation fight video - 2D Anime action

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This video took about 3 and a half months to animate, putting in about 160+ hours into this less than one minute video! This took way longer than it should though lmao. Procrastination and mental health sucksss :P

This was a fun yet cringeworthy animation project. Experimenting, testing and practicing my lack of animations skills. I'm a little tired and want to go on to a new project now lol.

All of the animation is done on Adobe Animate or Flash, with the sound effects done on Adobe Premiere pro. I began working on this fight scene animation on 17th July, and finishing on 8th November.

I hope you enjoy this video! Looking to do some emotional animation project with character acting next! 

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Wow! I really do like this!!

Ever heard of the Sketch Collab event that Newgrounds hosts annually? I feel like your work would fit right in there. Consider applying for 2022 if it ever opens up on the front page!!

Tilacus-X responds:

Oh wow I've never heard of this! I'll probably try applying once it opens up.
Thank you very much!

and this is on flash?

Tilacus-X responds:

All in flash yes. But I added the sound effects using premiere pro.

could've used some shading or something, there's a few moments in there that just look like an indescipherable mess of lines. Great action tho

Tilacus-X responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback! I will take note of that :3

the animation is great, it looks a bit fluid and well worked, you have enormous potential in making battle animations that look good