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Seymour Smiles in... ONE BAD DUMMY

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Seymour Smiles in...


Everyone loooves dummies, they've got ALL the glitz. ALL the glamour. ALL the wood.

Our two prepubescent punks, Bowdie & Bozo, on the other hand, might not agree.

They're about to find out that not ALL puppets have a tasteful sense of humor...

Take "Seymour" for instance. He's got...

An orange tuft a' hair.

A bow-tie you don't wanna mess with.

A jaw that'll make ya' wish you chewed more gum.

And man, is he bad. I'm talking, like, REAL bad. So bad, you can't even imagine.

Thankfully, the local Laff-A-Minute! was willing to let PukeBomb, Inc. get a hold of some of their classic material. The tape was locked behind a series of un-crackable safes, shrouded in fire-proof protective coverings. Said something about some sort a' "cigar" incident? They even had some concept art wrapped around an old tuna sandwich.





Animation - @Nattosumi @thelemonman99

3D Animation - @Bro-son

SFX, Editing - @NickSenny

Writing - @Bro-son @NickSenny


Moe Boner - @NickSenny

Seymour Smiles - @Nattosumi

Bowdie - @NickSenny

Also featuring the very talented

Egg White

as "Bozo"

Peep Eggy's Content Here


Pudge - Strongbow (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Gigakoops - They're Magically Malicious (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Back Into the Matrix (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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dang this is good lol


so this was something different and random it kinds of jumps all over the place but that was a good thing I liked the style here great visuals and some wild elements of animation keep it up.



wtf hahaha

Hello welcome back to newgrounds theory and the guy un the begining is the DAD that the punk lost because of seyhmour smiles. But hey that's just a newgrounds theory

as a punk myself, i can confirm we say fingee intead of finger