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"Ruby's Halloween Night"

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Lewd Witches like Ruby, get special treats for Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone XD!

Free to use music sourced from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3maaXxZJY0

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Missing that grand conclusion but in a way you could say it's a seasonal greeting card as it is hmm, imagine this in material form with a few holographic frames you could keep playing over and over... love the colors! Happy Halloween yo.


boo! happy late hallows!


A spooky Halloween surprise. Very nice.

The art is really nice, and as a loop it's good when its going the speed you clearly made it for. The issue is when you try to slow it down or stagger it to give it more variety you have to create a couple things that don't perfectly sync up to specific moments in the loop. Having her eyes open and shut on specific frames instead of being timed to a more natural rhythm makes it feel unnatural when you vary the pace of the loop up.

TheScarletDragon1 responds:

I sorta get what you mean, tho admittedly it’s not really something I can help. I animate in a program called procreate, and it doesn’t really allow for the layered sort of animation you’re talking about (meaning blinks have to have the same timing as the rest of the animation). Additionally, there’s a limit of how many fames/layers you can use in the app, so to loop the animation I have to export it, duplicate, and combine it in a separate program. So there isn’t really a way to adjust the speed and edit the animation without making a entire new animation at a different speed from scratch. I did this thing in three days so I’m pretty happy with it still x3.