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Halloween night, 1986.

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You're a detective investigating a series of disappearances. You are given new evidence: a shocking tape that is the last footage of three children alive.


The amazing pixelart forest backgrounds created for this animation are by giJo, you can check out their other work here: https://twitter.com/gijothehydroid

This video uses some stock images.

This video also uses an animated gif of a tape from Silent Hill 2.

Music used:

Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast - Prepare the Stage of Night

Herbst9 vs Z'EV ‎– Life Crawls Back

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - Street Fighter Alpha Character Select Screen

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Well I have to say that this was something different the visual effects on this was pretty unique and you really went all out on it, this is something I would love to see you make even more of like in a series of sorts.

As suggested


a fact: the chernobyl reactor 4 have melted down in 1986

Good animation Lump!!!

top ten anime plot twists!

What a twist!