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Sexy Costumes : Foamy The Squirrel

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Foamy & Germaine lament about the state of Halloween...


This episode is form the original series of Foamy/Neurotically Yours, and has been upgraded to HD. I have been working on making sure all the episodes accross all series get posted in HD.

(Don't worry, I didn't fiddle with things either. If it was jank then, it's jank now.)

(And no, I'm not a company... I'm just one guy. Though I do the work of about 12 people) :)


All the Links, 1 spot: https://wlo.link/@illwillpress

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This episode is finally back! Thank you!

"Trunk or Treat" sounds cool, but dangerous at the same time.

Germaine's interpretation of "trick or treat" is rather...interesting one could say

I just want to point out that this is from the reboot series (2011-2017) not the original series (2003-2011), even though the description says it's 'form the original series'. Also 'from' is misspelled.