FCS Presents: Mikey's 1st

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Fat Cat Scandal Presents: Mikey's First Smoke

This movie is for anyone who has experianced that annoying little guy who just won't leave you alone always trying to be part of your crew, turning up at your house without you knowing it, sucking up telling you and everyone how cool you are etc etc. This is just the first part of the mikey series, if people like it i will continue the story, i have many idea's but whats the point if its only going to be blammed?

All posative critisism and insults are fine :)

By the way... I do know that that isn't strictly what happens when you are stoned, its a cartoon, deal with it. But some gear can make you trip.. i thort i was a dinosour crushing buildings once...

Alot of FCS influance is real Life situations and Experiance... maybe not to the extremes we take it, but hey it just wouldn't be funny otherwise. Besides, i like music, I like Toons, go figure why all my Toonz have phat music?


You gotta love the trippy bit

This is by no means the greatest thing i have ever seen But it is great just for that trippy bit. Good excuse to listen to a good tune and see some funny shit and random pics. Some of those people looked to be gurning hehe.

i didnt even finish it

it sucked that much, i could tell from the beginnin

FatCatScandal responds:

well then you missed the whole point of this movie which was just for the trippy bit to aphex twins techno remix of popcorn. the begining and end were just fillers to make it into more of a cartoon than a random vid

Not bad for yourf first time

One big tip from me: get a good audio program and lay out the entire sondtrack before you do the toon. Then, Place the audio as one big clip across its own layer in "Stream" mode, and create the cartoon along that. It's ok to do this scene by scene as well, so long as it's stream mode. Stream mode will keep the graphics focefully in sync with teh audio, so even on slow computers the audio won't finish before teh animation does. On slower machines, they just keep talking after the sound is done and the pacing of the toon is messed up.

Just my $0.02, nice job for a first toon!


W0W um um um ok, you do know that there are many tutorials that can help you with many things, the animation seemed slow for some reason, i would say just really look into some flash tutorials for awhile.

FatCatScandal responds:

The reason the animation may have seemed slow is because of the lots of differant colours, and if you don't have a decent enough computer and a decent enough internet connection it displays wrong, but thats the risk you take with having alot of sound and pictures and colours in a toon.

Thanks for the response, but you weren't really very specific on what was wrong so I hardly have anything to aim to improve upon. This is an old submission anyway, some enjoy it others hate it. I suppose its all down to opinion.


you could make somthing good with your talent but that was GAY!

FatCatScandal responds:

Well each to their own opinion i suppose, thanks for the compliment about the talent. Only one other person has ever said that to me.

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2.07 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2003
1:27 AM EST
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