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Extremely Short Wine Tycoon

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Made for Xander Jam 5

Instructions in game, all controlled with mouse.

M to mute.

Backspace to skip to the end if you can't wait 10 minutes.


You can buy upgrades for your zones by clicking the + icon next to each zone if you have the amount of money displayed below the icon.

Post your score below if you finish!

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87 Billion in 10 minutes and some very big number in 20. A really interesting concept. Shame it's so short and the best strategy is just letting the wine sit. Perhaps making the wine appreciate in value more gradually would make it more interesting? I.e. a good quick rise in the beginning, plateau in the middle and a second good rise in the end?

GimmeSumJava responds:

That is a good idea! I definitely think there are some small modifications I should make.

I may make a small successor to this game with some more upgrades/a little bit better scaling.

$21 billion ($21,142,545,073). 3rd run feel like I got it pretty optimized with the entire storage facility holding the most expensive bottles and ramping up value for the last 75 seconds.

Fun game!

Edit: didn't realize there were setting options; the above was on the default medium/10 minute setting.


Kind of enjoyed the challenge and it was for the greater part pretty good. I did notice a couple of things that felt like bugs:
1. The processing times were sometimes really variable, like sometimes a wine would have a practically non-existent processing bar and once I had one that extended to about 1/3 of the screen. Kinda crazy and didn't feel intentional.
2. The value for the sans interest wine didn't always match what I got paid and was also extremely variable. Like from showing no price at all to showing over 7000 (the listed max is 6000). I know the one labeled as over 7000 paid over 7000, but several labeled in the hundreds paid several thousand as did the ones I got with no price. I kind of assumed that every bottle would be 6000 straight up.

Really wanted to try to get the wine with no listed price max but I wasn't able to afford it until I mad rushed to buy everything. I suspect I could have made it with the one wine that said "Quick, before it crashes", but I assume that crashes to next to nothing shortly after you reach the max (if not immediately). With how small and difficult to read the prices were I didn't want to risk it so I made most of my money off of Xander.

Overall, again, good game I had fun doing the challenge but didn't really feel compelled to play it beyond that (there is no long game). Also didn't see any point in trying the other times.. yes, I could have gotten the most expensive wine at the 20 minute version, but it just didn't feel worth it. One suggestion (other than fixing the bugs) is maybe give us a way to get rid of the processing bottleneck. I can understand being able to have more storage than processing but it is really kind of pointless to grow more grapes than you can process at any given time. Not that I really want you to cut back the growth so much as expand the processing.

GimmeSumJava responds:

The Sans should be the same price every time. I will have to look into that. I think that if this were to be made into a bigger release I would have upgrades that you could buy outside of each game to create a long game (a roguelike tycoon game). As it is, it's a game jam. I may expand on it in the future but in that case I'd probably rework the whole game to make the code better.

Thanks for the in depth feed back and thanks for playing!

Yes I agree maybe the processing bar length system could have been implemented better.

All the wines showed up in the storage area for me this play through
The price for "Stonk Water" did not change in the Storage area
Great game wish there was a longer play time though 20 min not enough

GimmeSumJava responds:

I will have to look into that. Would you be able to detail which wines they were?

good game, it could be fun if there also was an endless mode maybe. nonetheless it's a good game

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3.23 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2021
2:26 PM EDT