Spiderman Experiment

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This is a platform game I started after watching the spiderman movie, but never finished. I thought I'd post it instead of just leaving it to die on my hard drive.
No sound, intro, bad guys or any real point to playing, other than to have fun swinging about.


On the ground:
Use Left or Right to run, and Up to jump.

On a wall:
Use Up or Down to climb the wall.
Press the direction away from the wall to jump off.

In the air:
Use Up, Down, Left and Right to alter your fall through the air.
Hold Up + Down together, as you go past a wall to stick to it.

Press the Left mouse button somewhere on a building to fire a web, and release the button to grab the web so you can swing on it. Click the Left mouse button again to let go.

I'll probably never finish this unless I can think of a good way to make it into a fun game that fits the spiderman theme, without the game speed suffering too badly. If anyone has any really good ideas let me know, and I might go back to it.

Known Bugs: occasionally when you land on the ground, everything screws up and you lose control.

Ps. Thanks for the feedback, but Im not going to carry on with this experiment. I'm making something better instead. :)



Spiderman oh spiderman, oh where are the enemies ?

??? >:(

it well sucks. the glitch of the climbingis dumb i cant stick to walls

pretty good

this works pretty good, not bad at all!

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read description...

all the guys below me: read the description. its not finished yet. but I think it could become an awesome spider-man game when its finished

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it needs some changes

if you made this 3D like the one for gameboy it would really get more votes
put a music and put a make you hero on there so that people can make there own spiderman and put some bad guys like venom on there put some moving cars to put a sun and some clouds and put some windows on the buildings and sound affects and a radar to tell you where your going and a healt bar and web bar and some air planes or helicopter to swing on and underground roads: why when people give you ideas you dont make the game do you care why did you ask for help in the first place i dont know why i give you all this if your not going to use the im 13

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Feb 6, 2003
8:09 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other