Spiderman Experiment

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This is a platform game I started after watching the spiderman movie, but never finished. I thought I'd post it instead of just leaving it to die on my hard drive.
No sound, intro, bad guys or any real point to playing, other than to have fun swinging about.


On the ground:
Use Left or Right to run, and Up to jump.

On a wall:
Use Up or Down to climb the wall.
Press the direction away from the wall to jump off.

In the air:
Use Up, Down, Left and Right to alter your fall through the air.
Hold Up + Down together, as you go past a wall to stick to it.

Press the Left mouse button somewhere on a building to fire a web, and release the button to grab the web so you can swing on it. Click the Left mouse button again to let go.

I'll probably never finish this unless I can think of a good way to make it into a fun game that fits the spiderman theme, without the game speed suffering too badly. If anyone has any really good ideas let me know, and I might go back to it.

Known Bugs: occasionally when you land on the ground, everything screws up and you lose control.

Ps. Thanks for the feedback, but Im not going to carry on with this experiment. I'm making something better instead. :)


this is really fun

it has nothing but i played for quite a while
if you took you classic walk n' fight kind of game and incorperated it here....being able to pick up cars or whatever is down there....maybe picking up people to rescue them and put them in a safe location...put in the classic spidey baddies....this could be a kickass game and would definatly go onto my faves...i really hope you complete this


two thumbs way up just finish it and have the spiderman accualy stick to walls but this is fun

wow! it was addicting even with out any thing init

u need helicopters so when u stick your web to it u fly were ever the helicopter goes that would be cool.

Need help webslinging

I've managed to cling to a wall just once. Not sure how I managed, since the instruction you gave didn't work for me. Webswinging is very cool.

Lozenge responds:

Hm.. Im not sure exactly where the instructions were unclear. What you do is hold down the Down + Up keys together as you pass a wall to grab it.


YEs, FOUND THE GREATEST BUG EVER MADE! If u play for long enough, u will find that all the buildings are very flat and very low, FOREVER. So i went and jumped up, then i click my left mouse button on one of the buildings to try and get my spidey-web thingy on it, but instead i landed but didnt quite land so that I was hovering over than ground ilke 1/2 foot, constantly moving forward. WOW THATS FUN! MAN you should make this a good game, I played it for like 10 min and it had absolutely nothing in it except goofing off. So ya, FINISH IT! Get number one daily feature and moula moula votes.!

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3.07 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2003
8:09 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other