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Escape from Elm Street

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This game took 6 months, off and on, to create. Please take the time to explore and check everything. There are many small details in here. The engine was inspired by Shadowgate.


great game

man that game was great, as some ppl said that gravestone thing really freaked me out, with your birthdate and todays date. Anyway amazing game, i finally beat it with the holy water, the only thing is the thing with the numbers (3X4, 7-6, and 7+8) that was a little confusing.

that was a great game

Nice all around but i couldnt figure out why my gun wasent herting him and why I was dying every time until I accidently shot his glove

ere wats u do

go inside pull the loose plank up clik skull pik up hammer then go upstairs to the right open the drawer thake the weed then go in the bathrom clik the glass cupboard use the hammer clik the bo and type 12 25 12 then go back to lobby go left into the kitchen open all the doors 1s got a note from jane and 1s got a knife take the knife now go into the basement and clik the pipe then the knife
now clik the place where the fire was and press the lever and a serceret passage opens go in and go trou left door pull rope then go to opposite door press left rope then go back press left button then go bac and press middle button then go bac and get lighter then go to middle room clik grave and get key bac to lobby and to the door in front smoke the weed when u turn tele on then carry on north then use ur lighter and press the big box then go on pc and go on the weird symbol program and type 5023 a ladders comes down go up and get a key
now bac to lobby upstairs and torward bedroom now read book and go to sleep
then keep shooting the thing on the left and done


when i put in the numbers for the keybox it didnt work. 3*4=12 7-6=1 and 8+7=15. One of us is dumb or i am putting th numbers in the wrong spot.

awsome ^_^

ive loved the freddy kreugar movies since i was like 3 lol and this game was awsome! i finished the game with the holy water and it ended just like the 1st movie! ^_^ awsome im gonna finish the game with just shooting him and c what happens ^_^

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2003
7:12 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 2nd Place February 6, 2003