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Hellevator vs PPK - Comparison

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Took all the kills and death scenes from an unreleased extended version of The Hellevator and stuck it on YouTube. It got a load of views for some reason. Therefore decided to redo it since a subscriber milestone happened to fall around Halloween. Some more details-

"To acknowledge 30000 subscribers, I decided to demake the video that brought a load of you here in the first place. It's the actual guys this time, instead of Damian clones, so made sure to get their blood the right colour etc. (regardless of the "fountain of piss" confusion mentioned in the comments). Then I went ahead and did the same ending anyway so maybe best to not think about it too much. Also Pennywise's is red now because I felt like it.

Maybe the last opportunity to say this again so...

This is a video

based on a video

based on a flash game

based on horror movies

with a scene from a flash movie

based on a martial arts movie

in the style of a series of videos"

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Funny enough The original vid was how I discovered your channel.

Anyway, love the variety of Kills and the Amount of Horror characters you somehow managed to squeeze in here.

Keep up the good work :)

Incredible 10/10 =) .

PS:Friend, I tell you the truth, all the jobs you do in NG are really great and very well done, the truth is I congratulate you =3 .