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Eldrad Saves a Guardsman

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Bruh that was good.

I have idea. That you could try up creating scene if you want of course.
Use a quote from Megamind:
Guardsman: "Thank you! Thank you! Titan has freed us!"
Typical Waifu Tau women "Oh, I wouldn't say free. More like under new management."
I came up with such a concept after watching this video.

Also Good Wideo Lad.
I wish you to make damn bloody cool animated short films in the future.

5exualYeti responds:

I am glad you like it. Though when it comes to making stuff like this it is usually a spur of a moment thing, based on as random-as-possible clips of audio. Basically shitposts.

Yeah, because calling a human mon keigh was too polite by eldar standards >_>

5exualYeti responds:

The Eldar are way too far up their own asses to be polite. The only form of politeness they engage in is the extremely sarcastic kind.