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Double Trouble - Teaser

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Casually adding some extra spice to the bedroom funtimes with the GF

ft Catra and Adora.

Animation: @Dragk_


Catra: @OolayTiger

Adora: @RubyRed_VA

Full version coming to my Patreon Soon!


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Would definitely like to see more of this! :O Enticing.


Looks amazing!

Well, it's decently animated.
Though extremely misleading title xP Unless it's intended for a plot twist later.

You're using correct tags at least.
But yeah... kinda skeptical. I'll have to see how it goes. But feels like it might just exclusively focus on the random dude. And neither of the girls. As, that's usually how these go.

But, that said: Doesn't mean this one has to.
So, guess it's just to wait and see.
Will say I am curious to find out if you gave them unique models.

More she-ra

Love it! <3