Lets Wrestle!! - A Comic Dub

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A very sweet and funny comic of an adorable couple by Nortuet that they very generously allowed me to dub

Artist: Nortuet (Twitter)

Blonde: Comicbookbabe (Twitter)

Editing and Red Head voiced by: Me

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Why are you blatantly posting porn and rating it as M? This is legit an A rating post hands down and you're purposefully rating it as non-A rated. Wtf.

SailorSilverStar responds:

I rated it as M because the only thing "porn" related is breasts are shown. There is no sex, there is no bare genitalia, there is no sexual talk whatsoever. I felt a M rating was fair because, again, only breasts were shown, otherwise there is nothing sexual in this comic whatsoever. Besides the breasts, what was pornographic in this to you?!



Voices were ok, although the comic itself was a little on the NSFW side, and probably isn't original either.

This comic dub wasn't good to be honest, the voices weren't anything to talk about, you basically just put voices over an artists pictures.
Please improve your content for the future.

yes, now who will win by knockout?