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All Your Base tribute

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I can't believe it.
ha ha ha

It stayed on, although it seems by reading all the reviews that you guys absolutly hate it.

Well, to answer some questions, the knight was a drawing for another cartoon I was making but decided to scrap, but since I was so proud of what I've accomplished, I decided to use him in a 5 minute piece of dogcrap I threw together and submitted just for the fun of it.
And hey, it looks like its staying on Newgrounds for a while now.

So thank you for those who like it, and for most of you who don't, well... Your just jelous because the animations you worked hard on got blammed right away while I put minimal effort into this and it has a high enough rating to stay.

I WIN!!!


dude... wtf?

you could have at least put some effort into actually MAKING a movie.. not just some picture with a bit of music.. that was fucking lame..

someone was asleep at the wheel when this piece of shit got submitted

Only a 3 becuease the knight did look cool

Ok... someone please tell me how this even passed judgement.... let alone not get blamed? Ok for everyone that looks at this and reads reaviews first... its a really nice picture of a knight with his sword in the ground with a dark grey backround with the white words All Your Base Are Belong to us... hmmm even spelled belong correctly.. when the AYB thing spelled it blong... or well... this isn't even a flash its only a waste of time... maybe you should go back to putting that knight in a "real" animation.

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your reviews were wrong.

Heres a review you cant judge as bad,this was great!heheh.



is that it.....
bloody wonderful.. (and dont get me wrong coz the knight is drawn quite well) it just goes to show how some ppl are truely sad managing to keep this up

Anal-Juice responds:

boo hoo hoo


Umm okay.... All I'm seing is a weird knight dude and "All your base are belong to us" next to it. Am I missing something here??

Anal-Juice responds:

nope, that sounds about it

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Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2003
6:47 PM EST
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