Dante vs Link (Part 2)

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Here is the second part to the battle between Link and Dante. I hope that you enjoy it!


who said link could kick dantes ass???

dante is so freaking bad ass....link is a little elf boy...dante has slayed innumeral(cant spell) amut of deamons...link doesnt...ive played both devil may crys and 1 legend of zelda...and dante could kill that elf boy with eas...ok im done

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This is the coolest series ever!

I wonder why not much people on newgrounds like Dante. Hmmm?

Pretty damn nice

This was a very nice piece of work. And as for the big cheese, GET A FUCKING LIFE DUDE!!! Anyone who gets PMS over a fucking video game is the true cock sucker here. Dude, just cuz you love the cock is no reason to accuse everyone else of it. And good job making fun of the writer even though he went to the trouble to make it and you obviously watched it all the way through with a boner the whole time. I hope you liked how link looked, since it's the closest you'll ever get to a chick. But back to the point, good job my man, and I hope to see many more cool toons like this in the future.

fuckin ass cock sucker!!!!!

Listen up you fuckin fadget,1st of all,link is not freakin half elf half human hes fuckin hylian you fuckin discrace!!!! 2nd of all,5tpu7ht i apreciate what you said man, 3rd of all, hope link And you fuckin Dante friend fuck you up some day man........Why don't you PLAY it before you fuckin disgrace link, you fadget!!!! And in demon form,Dante looks like a fuckin monkey!!!!! thats all i have to say.


pete117, Link could kick Dante ass anyday! Why don't you PLAY a Zelda game and KNOW who the hell Link is before you talk shit on him! *stupid ass*
ANYWAY. it was pretty good but you should learn to draw link a little better and tell pete117 that about 32% of games use ideas that were used in zelda like lock on attack, day-night system, etc.

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Feb 5, 2003
5:00 PM EST
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