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LL - Samegame's fun (NSFW)

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Someone requested me to make a cartoon out of Samegame's comment. This is the result. Enjoy.



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LazyPix3l responds:


If only Kubrick was alive to see this it would put a smile on his face

Drama, excitement, suspense, Samegame getting covered in mangoo.

This has it all, 5/7


LazyPix3l responds:

Thanks pea! Means a lot dude

Mostly I'm just impressed that SameGame knows the actual title of "Also Sprach Zarathustra"

Needs more Yarn dickgirl orchestra, tho.

LazyPix3l responds:

Totally, we should blam this LazyPix3l guy, he’s weird.

A rare glimpse into the secret lives of the locklegions finest members.

LazyPix3l responds:

I stalked them and recorded this footage, this is all real