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Yellow Sitcom

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I love Danny Elfmons music , why is there 32 seasons of the Simpsons DOH!

Homer Shake vs. GANGDOM STYLE

you decide death battle leave a review we won't read it who wins I don't know are you sure? You decide! My grain is literally a pasatio nut I gotta take a picture of my brain but my heads in the way. Stupid head. Homer shoves crayons up his nose and say i'm homer j simsn i'm homer jay simpson. What are you looking out!! I love bees, I gave one a family so take that and this and that and that other thing, now give it back. Do you know what I am. I'm a entity who doh the homer shake and eat donuts for a living. I'm gonna watch the 40 ate your old version I was gonna eat that whatever.Ask your parents if it's alirght for you to do the homer shake. Must be 18 year olds or older to order sketchers. I am mike the cool and awesome.

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I love these bees



I was watching this for like a good minute before I realized it was a 10 second loop.