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Goblin Squad - Trailer

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Goblin Squad is an original cartoon series I've been working on for a long ass time. By working on, I mean fiddling with the idea in my head since I actually began writing cartoons. Only just recently, in the past couple years or so, I settled on the idea, world, and characters. I've always wanted to push to make a pilot and since I got back up and running I want to commit to making it. Got a couple of projects I still wanna put out before the year ends. The idea of making this trailer really only came last week. We had to rush to cut shots, make some music, and just put something together for the trailer jam. Honestly, I'm probably gonna redo a lot of these shots for the pilot lol.

Thanks to @nerostratos for helping me with the music (that's me on guitar!)

This was made for the Newgrounds Summer Jam https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1481166

Damn, daily second and front page! thanks!


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i saw a chie satonaka reference , i love it

Got a persona 4 reference I gotta love it.

This will be good


there are no goblins to be seen here

Arzonaut responds:

There be a goblin lurking here