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This is an idea I've had for an animated racing movie for a long time, but never really done anything with because I didn't think I could animate it. Doing the dance anim for round 4 gave me the courage to finally attempt it tho.

This was made in about 30 days for the newgrounds trailer jam and was animated with Blender and Krita pushed to the absolute edge, my pc nearly crashed like 7 times while making this and it was a complete nightmare but I'm proud of my result and glad I endured through it. Going forward I want to try and animate the first race scene I have in mind which was the inspiration for the trailer. I'm going to have to transition to a mixed 3D/2D style and commit more to learning Blender and 3D animation in general as doing it entirely in 2D as just one person is completely unfeasable. It's gonna probably take some time to get it to a point where I'm stylistically okay with it. I'm also most likely going to have to upgrade my PC so it might be a long while before I'm able to continue this story but in the coming weeks I want to post concept art of the characters and most of my ideas so far.

I'm not to sure about the title tho, so I'd love to hear what you think about it.

(Updated to include screenshake)

thanks to loam on discord for helping me with the guitar playing btw <3

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If you keep up these hype levels for the real deal, im very excited to see the finished product

arandomintern responds:

I might not be able to keep up with the deadline in the trailer, I kinda just threw out a random one. I care about this project a lot though, so I want to do a few animations before I attempt this to gain more experience with blender and 3d animation. I want to make sure the end product is something I'm very happy with