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Dimitrescu Blacked

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Fire voice acting. She kinda almost sounded like lady demetriscu. Not enough big woman, bbc, interracial animations for her. Solid runtime. I give it a 4.5. BUT YO, WHO THE FUCK ASKED THIS RANDOM BUTHURT CUCK WITH DICK ENVY IN THE COMMENTS?!?!😂😂 Dude wrote a whole paragraph. lmao. For what? And also, he is actually wrong, most of these black male pornstars with limp looking dicks that he is reffering to, have bigger equipment SOFT, to there white counterparts, so it never really matters or is clearly seen on camera.

you know limp dicks in porn is actually a negative thing, and a problem. It's pretty braindead. People with erectile dysfunction shouldn't be doing porn. It's out of their own selfishness, and psychopathy do they jump into porn with their limp dick to get laid. Then they have to squeeze the base of their dick to try to falsely stiffen it enough to be able to penetrate.
It's caused by diabetes nerve damage, and also when thc is metabolized in the brain, it turns into acid and causes brain damage that can cause limp dick. So basically enough fried chicken and biscuits, and weed, and they can't get it up anymore, but will they be a bigger man and let someone else more equipped step in for the video? fuck no, they are dumb and selfish.

So i think it's so stupid that now we have 3d artists modeling soft/limp dicks because it's so common to see black people with limp dicks in porn. I don't want to live on this planet anymore