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Night in the Club with Sylvanas

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Some sounds and voice acting would make the animation perfect. but still really good. Great job!

I got to say, it must've taken you a long time to create, so thank you for making this! Small details like her weird looking cleavage and glitchy under boobs, the lack of mouth movements and sound, and stoic faces (especially his) make it look a little lifeless. The dirty talk felt a little weird as well, but not too bad. Aside from that, very sexy elf lady, and the guy had an average sized cock, which is realistic compared to what most content creators make. The background looks really neat. Overall, It's a really good animation, with some flaws that can be fixed for futuristic animations. I wish you plan on making more amazing animations. I really enjoyed this one, well done!

^_^lady sylvana such a sexy undead warchife i would show her a heck of a good time something i think she has deserved for quite some timer~~~~now all that is needed is a voice to hear those words hmmm sexy