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Taking Turn on Crusch Lulu

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[insert story here]

Almost 2 years in the making, and finally finished! I hope the result is at least good enough! I'm pretty tired now!

Crusch Lulu model by JawSFM ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jawsfm/ ) based on a model by LEWI3 ( https://twitter.com/fuckLCA )

Skink model by JawSFM ( https://sfmlab.com/project/26322/ ) Dick by Vulumar ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vulumar/ )

Man model by Shaotek ( https://smutba.se/project/80/

Voice Actress : MistressVulpine ( https://twitter.com/MistressVulpine )

Voice Actor : HiJenx ( https://twitter.com/HiJenxVO )

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The true turn on is having a cool lizard friend who lets you bang lizard girls.

True friendship was the kink all along!

Only thing I wished that happened was for her to ask to be impregnated. Other than that... nigh perfection

Lizard fetish is a thing

That was nice!

idfk what kind of a hellhole I fell into but this is great