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Henry Stickmin vs. Phil Eggtree - Rap Battle!

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This is a rap battle me and a ton of my friends have been working on! If you liked this, please subscribe to me on YouTube!


I love both of these game franchises, and this is not in anyway to bash Puffballs or Jonochrome, it's to show my appreciation to both of them and to show how they inspired me!

Special thanks to the cast and crew who contributed to the project!


Henry Stickmin: Mancha (UBERocity)

Phil Eggtree: Fightmarker

Written By: Michael Stark, Mick, & Mason G

Beat Produced By: Epistra

Mixed & Mastered By: Freshy Kanal

Animated By: RobotRichie

Edited by: RobotRichie & Michael Stark

Logo By: CannibalWorms

Thumbnail By: Michael Stark

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Phil was the flashiest.. Not gonna lie.