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Lost in Christmas.

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Always wanted a reason to do Reindeer Poppy in a pic or animation, and since I got Veigar, might as well get the master of evil's large staff to good use. I think I did ok on the animation, took me a bit to try and not make it look robotic.

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this needs so much improvements.

The trick to not having robotic animation is the secondary animations. This piece has a few like the ear movement but that's about it. Secondary would also mean the map moved a bit & all of the moves accelerating & decelerating in and out of the movement. Things like that.. Hair sway would help here too. The modeling looks pretty good on Poppy for sure. A good start for sure. As an animator I find the phrase "the devil is in the details" really applies.

Johnny1992 responds:

I guess I see what you mean. Most of my issue was basically trying to make the movement along not look robotic, not just a "back/forward" as a sequence.