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Who is this new hero that has arisen into this dark and spooky realm? My wonderful trailer for the final round of the Jam. This was a small video game idea I had a while ago that is finally making an animated appearance.

First things first I want to say thank you so very very much to everyone who has watched my videos and become fans on my Newgrounds, you guys fuel my little bonfire of creativity!

I also want to thank everyone who helped me on this trailer. They all did wonderful jobs and they are all wonderful creators!

SailorSilverStar for the awesome angry voice.

Amanda Parker for the evil elegant sounding voice.

MisterJames for the goofy / looking for a friend voice.

Paper Toons for the excellent evil cackle for the boss character.

ZaazNG for the incredible background music.

(every other voice was by me, JCaluger)

Extra SFX provided by Freesound.org

It has been a really fun summer and I am happy to have been apart of this year's summer animation jam. thank you very much.

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I love the vibe of this. Music made me think of World of Goo and I love it