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Rozpierdalation 18: An Ode To A Dead Man

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After many tribulations, Roz comes face to face with the local terrorist leader.

Happy Madness day! This is the final part to Rozpierdalation: The New Millennium!

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A leadup to a awesome film which it is already is great

That's how kelzad was off the krinkels team

Mortal of the story: Don't be a terrorist

Amazing man! The story is very intriguing, and I fucking love it

It's nice how YOU were the one to say "Happy Madness Day"! I got tired of saying that. Then again, I've forgotten to say that today. It was weird how they all had eyes in the beginning and then they didn't. The fezzes were cool. You got some good designs there.

Some of the characters looked like they had one eye. I'm pretty sure they have two. Are the eyes supposed to be invisible? That's one weird title. I couldn't have seen all 18.