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Windw Brake

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BIG thanks to @stevetherapper for animating this cinematic masterpiece

Go follow him!


It's hard to bargle nawdle zouss with all these marbles in my mouth

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Wow the animation is great i love it how good it was.

stevetherapper responds:

I’m responsible for the animation so... thanks!

man is fat man in zoom man broke the window stuff happens random animation good steve and also webtoons

stevetherapper responds:

No idea what you’re saying man. Nonetheless thanks for the 5!


stevetherapper responds:

clap on clap off the clapper

this is so random but i love it

Edit: yes you did

stevetherapper responds:

I animated this

dude let me in the project

stevetherapper responds:

Thanks man

Webtoon responds:

there should be something in your notfications
edit: np