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Project Creber: Extrication Part 1

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A simple grunt who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, now known as Creber, slaughters his way out of the Agency's complex leaving nothing, but destruction behind. Forced into a questionable alliance, his only goal is revenge.

Originally I didn't plan on dividing this into parts, but I underestimated my laziness and ended up splitting this thing in half. Stick around if you wish to see more, second half is already being worked on.

Link to the OST by Lothyde: https://youtu.be/qavYUOCdv0U

Check out my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Potke

Thank you to these extremely talented individuals for breathing life into my animation:

Lothyde - OST/SFX



Fedev - Outro Art


GlitchArtTV - Thumbnail



And of course, Madness Combat by Krinkels



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How does Creber shit with that thing on his back? Was that the worst part of the torture?

Potke responds:

They cut off his balls and pingos as well.

love the detail when one of the crebers fell of the bridge and the main creber's chest plate turned yellow to green

wow i wish i can make something this good :(

Wow, it's really awesome!

Potke responds:

Oh no they're multiplying. You'd beat everyone else in limbo. No one can go lower than this!

Wow, it's really awesome!