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Project Nexus 2 vs Team Fortress 2

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The first name of this movie was going to be Madness vs Team Fortress 2. But Project Nexus 2 was coming out. And calling it Project Nexus 2 vs Team Fortress 2 would have been a badass name. It just rolls off the tongue. (PN2 vs TF2). I asked on Reddit about the name change and they had some ideas like

-Team nexus 2

-Project: fortress 2.0

-Teamness project fortress

-project nextress 2


You could call this movie Mann vs Mad. but this is not an MvM battle. It’s just a normal game parody of Tf2 with madness in it.

And the TF2 Engineer...He’s not in the movie. That was just clickbait because I’m a douchebag.

This Madness day movie is not a sequel to anything. Believe it or not. If you don’t know this. Mosty every madness day movie I make is a part of an older movie I made.

Story of the Madness day movie:

 SAXTON HALE! CEO of Mann co noticed that Nevada is full of violent Mormons, so he wanted to buy A.A.H.W. but The Sheriff refused because he would rather be killed by Hank again than sell out. So SAXTON HALE decided to take the A.A.H.W. by force. He could just kill the sheriff himself. But the sheriff convinces him to put their five best mercenaries to fight for them.

SAXTON HALE gets 5 of his mercenaries to kill The Sheriff.

The TF2 mercenary are:

-Havey, who is Krinkels cosplaying as the Havey. Why is he on the tf2 team if he made Madness? Because there was a movie on Newgrounds called “Meet the Krinkels” and I just wanted to Reference that. But I think I did a bad job doing it. A lot of people on Reddit think he’s Gordon Freeman.

-Scout, a fast, and a Vince offer knock-off. 

-Soldier, he uses a rocket launcher that looks like a white long dick. LOL

-Demoman, a one-eyed Drunk that spams sticky bombs. I like him.

-Pyro, He or she or it? Who cares! IT’S A MONSTER!

So The Sheriff had 5 of his mercenaries to protect him… well the 5 he could find. And they are

-Civilian, the grunt of the team. He uses an umbrella that is also a gun. He's a real class from Team Fortress Classic.

-Spy, the sneaky bastard that no one likes. Who is actually Rayman dressed as Spy. The Sheriff will help Rayman get a new video game if they win… LIKE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN! I mean the new Rayman game.

-Engineer, a Texas builder who lives in Nevada...WHY?

-Sniper, BOOM HEADSHOT! BOOM HEADSHOT! A class that I suck at. That’s why I always use the huntsman.

-Medic, Why is 2BDamned working for the Sheriff? They really needed a medic or someone pretending as a medic. but no one wanted to be one. He’s taking one for the team.  

You: “ They blew up his house. ”

Forgive and Forget.

Anyways, WHO WILL WIN!? MAD or TF2!?

 Well it depends if you're watching on Newgrounds or youtube because I give them different endings.

...does The Sheriff own A.A.H.W? For the sake of the plot. Yes. Or he just runs Nevada and SAXTON HALE just wants to take over it. Like the Mad men did when they took over KlayWorld. Remember that? My last Madness Day movie. It had bad voice acting for the sake of bad voice acting.

Facts about making the movie:

This movie took 4 months to make...I think. I was also working on my clock day movie.

This Madness day movie was going to be different. It was going to be a triple crossover with Madness, Klay World, and Rayman, all fighting. But things changed because I was working on my secret project. But I made the Picoday movie, so that really fucked up the schedule.

But mostly I didn’t like the idea. So I did the TF2 one. I’m not going to use that idea next year because I have another one that’s better.

I had another idea for Madness vs TF2. It was going to Star the Engineer and he would fight all the TF2 classes. It’s inspired by an Uncle Dane video “How To Fight Every Class In TF2 (As Engineer) (And Win!)”


But I wanted to introduce the Tf2 Mercenaries in the Madness universe. And how they would fight.

I thought about giving the team different colors. Like the Madness team would be red and the TF2 team would be blue. But I thought it was a good idea to make them the same colors and separate them by their looks. Not their colors...I think that’s going to make people confused. The best way to tell them apart is that the madness team looks like madness. And the Tf2 team looks like TF2...I feel like a dumbass for saying that.

Other Facts:

I edit all my movies with Filmora X. AND IT’S A PIECE OF SHIT! I have a love-hate relationship with Filmora. Filmora is easy to use. But it’s a bitch if you go a little too extreme with your video editing. It’s impossible to use now. There needs to be a better Video Editor that doesn't lag like a cunt.

Also, I was slowly killing my Laptop storage with this movie. It was taking up to 8.15 GB. That may not be a lot to you. But I was running out of space.

The Lighting... I FUCKED UP SO MUCH WITH THE LIGHTING. Bad lighting can ruin a good photo. And stop motion is photography. I try to fix it with the editing but I don't really know what to do.

And if you really want to know how I make the Madness Puppets...Just download the PDF file and read it. It’s not that good. GOOD LUCK! I wanted to add a prober How to make Puppet. But I didn’t have that much time to put it in, and I didn't feel like it could fit properly. Maybe I’ll make a proper How2 movie about making the Madness puppet. I really do want to teach people how to make them. But I’m working on a Secret Project and I want to get it done this year… But It's a secret.


Newgrounds haven't had any real ADS in a long time. So I’m going to make my own AD for a NEW game, coming soon.


And here’s an AD for TF2. Because this movie is also about TF2.  


Credits to other stuff.:

Opening inspiration by crazyhalo

TF2 Styled Valve Intro Mod


Thank you so much for watching my madness movie and reading all of this.

Happy Madnessday!

ALSO! You can go to my youtube channel and watch the same movie. BUT WITH A DIFFERENT ENDING!


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Engineer Gaming

The action feels a little weak, but I enjoyed how clever the writing was. Having the Madness characters take on the roles of their equivalent TF2 classes was a nice touch. Now next time we gotta see Madness Engineer vs TF2 Engineer.

While the quality itself was decent (animation and technical wise), everything else about it was remarkably weak tbh.

This animation is so cool! It needs a lot of time to do the scenes in stop motion.

Very Nicely Done!

Credits & Info

4.62 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2021
2:20 AM EDT
  • Stop Motion Studio
  • Filmora

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