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Madness: Gruntification

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Consider this a teaser. I started this but got sidetracked getting a full time job and never got to add more, but I definitely am going to soon. Big thanks to Awez for compiling the sounds and Meepma for doing the backgrounds! Also, thanks to .Gage and Zapchon for contributing their voice acting.

Song is Hypernoma from the SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising OST.

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The animation was incredibly smooth. I especially appreciated the 'one take' style of framing where it follows one thing in particular and then shmooves along with it for the entire duration. It felt very satisfying!

title sounds familiar...

Gary responds:

Yeahhhh, I had no idea Gruntification was already used until after I released this. I'll be changing the name for the full video.

the grunt

Real unique style you have in the community man. Real pleasure to see you sending WIPs of this animation in various servers. Can't wait to see what you get up to next year, or maybe in the time in-between!

Is he like multiple grunt souls imbodied into one grunt? Seems pretty cool! Especially with the ghost/ethereal parts. MPN really opened the door to more occult stuff. If anyone hasn't played Madness Project Nexus (New one) then def check it when it comes out!