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False Memory

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When the world around you isn't what it seems, you may be in the midst of a Bug Man; powerful being who can warp the very nature of one's memories. The Memory Collectors are here to bring order... whether we like it or not.


Created and Owned by Flint Sugar

Creator Twitters:



FlintSugar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPabB9vv_ks / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VFLS7JjeMPbIKO7WtswOQ


Recorded at Extra Terrible LLC

Directed by James Cheek & Jason Lord

Talent Coordination by Brandon Solis

Engineering / Mixing by Jason Lord


Narrator - Phillip Sacramento

Fang Tang - Xanthe Huynh

Bai Zhong - Cat Protano

Hero - Derick Snow

Additional Voices - James Cheek, Ethan Gallardo, Jason Lord

Special Thanks:

Dani Chambers, Ethan Gallardo



Jason.lord@extraterrible.com (or) info@extraterrible.com

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This is over all one of the Best animations that I have seen on this site. The use of motion and simple shapes are wonderfully used. It reminded me of FLCL if it were made by trigger in that surreal kind of weird but you like it.

What I was expecting was a weirdly drawn animation that just somehow got front-paged, but holy shit was not only beautiful, but one of the best damn animations I’ve seen over my ten years on ng. Wow you guys put a lot of effort into this and you can really see it, god damn I can’t stop praising this. I love you plz make moar and god bless.

very cool


Trully Impress the Story, Artstyle, the score everything the realistic about this animation is better than other most and have sense, the memory can be stored but mine is 1GB and lack of Ram to fuction but still 10/10 better than Mappa.