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Project: MERC 2 "Retaliation"

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Happy Madness Day 2021 and welcome to the second part of a custom Madness Combat animation!

After an escape from B.N.N. agency, our protagonist decides to move north, seeking nothing but retaliation. After the day T.H.O. company abducted him, all the feelings faded. The only remaining thought in his head induces him to murder. However, this one thought will be enough to accomplish his plan of revenge. And like a perfect killing machine he is, James will annihilate anything that stands in his way.

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holy shit this is a Amazing sequel or second part as some people call it but this was downright amazing I cannot cannot! wait until the next one comes out you guys are doing a great job keep at it Dart your still doing a amazing job

i feel like BNN and THO are like the Tf2 teams
and those 2 are getting supplied from AAHW or do supply AAHW, that would be funny
also nice animation, very cool.

Spavit responds:

AAHW isn't a thing in my trilogy, but if it was, it would probably be a MANN CO of madness universe

This A MasterWork I'm Glad To Have Watched It On YouTube First. You And Mr Dart Are Awesome Keep Being Yourselves!!😊😍

This animation is sick as hell. So fluid and epic all the way through; you are truly freaking talented. Shout-out to Dart for the awesome music, he's in a whole other universe with his stuff.


Dart-Music responds:

Glad you liked this collab!

Holy moly the entire video, the music and the animation, it was wonderful. Mann I loved this!
Ps I loved the memes about the grunt and average enjoyer stuff