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Vegeta Dead Sexy?

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Vegeta has an epifany and the proves what we have all know about him for some time. also as a response to all the vegetta fans out there that got pissed at me for makeing this. let me just say this, I only chose to make vegetta the gay one cuz of that damned pink shirt he was wearing when waiting for goku to get home. (now tell me that dosnt sound gay, man in a pink shirt waiting for anthor guy to get back)ok guys in responds to all the bad reviews i get.... THIS IS A JOKE CAN U TAKE A JOKE OR DO U ENJOY THAT BIG STICK U HAVE UP UR ASS... ok and for every one out there saying i miss spelled one of the names well then no your wrong they are all right just there the japiness spelling not the american you loser fans have come to like so much, hell i bet u thank "hurcual" is his real name its not its Mr. Satan funimation has butchered that show so much for the american childern its not even funny. ok now a new note on vds2 (vegetta dead sexy 2) yeah...... it will never be released because "elves" cough cough accidently deleted it one day and im jus to damn lazy (and busy) to start it again sorry guy

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Haha so this game was pretty entertaining the small button for next screen could be bigger and maybe placed in one spot, but this was kind of a funny game more like a movie then anything else.

the small button for next screen could be bigger and maybe placed in one spot


long schlong

omg so cool losing

this is awesome holy shit