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Raven masturbates

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Hi. many of you are following me through the Meru OVA 4 movie so I'm making this post to let y'all know that I don't do much on Newgrounds, so if you guys want to see more stuff from me then please check out my Twatter.



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It's pretty good. Belt is a bit... "there", and pussy model is a bit lacking. But, those aren't on you :P
Rest of model and how you rendered it is good though.

Twatter lol

Welcome back Skudd =^_*=

Is that Skuddbutt's model?

UncleBurrito responds:


Beautiful art as always. As a fellow animator the only thing that throws it for me is how the left leg looks like the shin is stretching rather than the knee flexing since the foot is the anchor here. Could just be lighting but... The other thing is the same interaction at the left hand / elbow. In this pose I would anchor the elbow since all the upper body weight is on it & try to make the shoulder above roll just a little more to emphasize it. All this is me just being picky but some things you can't unsee sometimes.