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New Bean Queen

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Welcome your new queen. Loving and powerful. Do not fret, for you are sure to perrish.

For virtual streamer SoyaPoya, and her wonderful and cute alternative virtual model.

Design of both SoyaPoya models are owned by their respected artists. I'm just a goof having fun.

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its very cool but not to much to it, though the art makes up for it

RuthlessPeasant responds:

It's a context specific joke. I used NG to upload it and share it 'cuz I don't want the hassle of youtube and the file size is too big for some social platforms. :) Happy you like the art though.

Wow, that was unexpectedly great! I love how gradually everything was built up. Congrats on your first submission! It's rare that they're as good as this. I especially liked seeing how or what she turned out. I thought maybe she was going to be part of some larger organism.

You know, like a head. The atmosphere was wonderfully creepy. The voice is great. This was certainly longer than most stuff I've seen recently. It would be interesting to know more about this person.