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Pixel platformer Chapter 1. (Autumn edition)

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после убийства босса летают шары

Egorka3785 responds:

Это и есть арена.
Я специально так оставил.

xd, weno, soy primero de los peimeros xd
esto es pixeleado a secas, lo que slo ase unico, tambien ase referencia al juego de mario, y la musica, como para correr asta el monte everest

Egorka3785 responds:

Thanks a lot!

sfx are way too loud, attack is really short and stays out for a very short amount of time. the sfx for the attack make it sound like it's a gun but it's actually a sword. if you enter the boss area and leave you cant go back in the boss area, there's a full heart on the ground but it only fills 1/2 a heart, boss invlun lasts way too long an you barely get any. also, it could be scaled up a bit, it's really tiny
it's ok for a start but you have a long way, best of luck improving

Egorka3785 responds:

Thanks you very much. I am creating a new version now. Sorry for my English, I am live in Russia.

Is it a functional game? Yeah, I guess so. But the hit box for the large slime at the end is too large. I won't touch it, and the game will make me lose points. Also, there isn't a way to see the large slime's health (which would make the game much better) It's also possible to die from walking too far left during the final battle. I'm not going to be super harsh on game mechanics, mostly because I suck at games.

On the plus side, I adore the music.

Egorka3785 responds:

Thanks for your support, I will take your opinion into account. The next version of the game will be better.