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I made this a while ago... maybe one day I will actually learn flash. :)


Very poorly done.

It was just done very poorly and once again it was very slow paced, you finally added story to it, but it just wasn't anything original and it wasn't interesting at all, guy saves a girl, girl gets killed he gets an implant and it makes him part of an organization, okay the final parts not too bad but the rest was. The movie was very poorly animated and there was very little going on on screen, it was mainly just people standing still, I did like it how the members of the organization were only visible every time the lightning struck though. This time the music fitted better, but you still had no sound effecst which you really did need. I must say I'm dissappointed with this one, the end of the last one had me expecting something from this, but there was nothing, once again you did end it nicely though, it's just a shame about the rest of it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


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A man wonders the desert...

He wonders if he should wander around the desert. The wonders if that would get him somewhere. He wonders why he has the word OMEGA on his hand, as opposed to the greek symbol.
He wonders where the crappy music is comming from. He wonders why he bothers continuing to exist.

Akd85 responds:


i can tell you why....

its not in the top 100, because it sucks

Akd85 responds:

it sucks... but so does your mom.

good, and...

omega looked just like kevin costnern in "The Postman". very cool.
Good file size, too.

Akd85 responds:

Kevin costner did inspire this work... FIle sizes are but the island of excile.

Once again...

...I laughed the entire time while watching this movie. WHERE IS FE-3?!?!?!

Akd85 responds:

In developement

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2.89 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2000
6:25 PM EST
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