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Chopper Boy

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A cool cartoon by Marc M.

Find me across the net at these fine hotlinks:

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Also, you can find my cool music on places like Spotify and iTunes and all them things.

Have a blest day!!

Love, Marc

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Entry 1: chopper boy is truly a classic film that is also quite hot.

Entry 2: every second of the day I'm excited to rewatch chopper boy. When I wake up I run to my cumpuper with newgrounds.com already loged onto the page of chopper boy.

Entry 3: my thrist has been quenched.

Entry 4: I watched it 3 times today. I am full of joy. I couldn't watch it yesterday due to a debilitating illness.

Entry 5: I'm enjoying the free show.

Entry 6: voom voom!

Entry 7: I wish chopper boy would ride in my neighborhood.

Entry 8: I think I have a crush on chopper boy.


Entry 10: I wanna swallow his snot.

Entry 11: idk why this man isn't at the top when disney makes shitty films.

Entry 12: I never really thought about how Santa gives presents that fast all across the globe. I'm glad chopper boy told me the truth!

Entry 13: chopper boy is my life's meaning.

Entry 14: eehehehehe

Entry 15: I hope one day chopper boy becomes a big hit and everyone can consume more chopper boy media.

Entry 16: I want to get the chopper boy haircut.

Entry 17: I wish I had the ability to float like that fellow chopper boy fanatic.

Entry 18: I'm sorry Chopper Boy. I haven't been watching daily often. I hope I can be forgiven. Amen.

This is the best animation like ever on newgrounds and that says A LOT. So I will be watching this everyday.
Day 1: Completed
Day 2: Watched it twice today, amazing and beautiful each time
Day 3: Watched it twice, again. I love every frame of it
Day 4: I'm so in love with this animation
Day 5: Watching it real early today, 1AM to be exact.
Day 5 (orgininally was called day 6): I'm so confused, i dont think its day 6 bc i watched it today at 1am so it should be day 5 why did we update day 6, its not even day 6 yet. its july 3rd, two days in june bc (29, 30) then three days in july bc (1,2,3) HOW ARE WE AT DAY 6? anyways, chopper boy is great, amazing, beatiful
Day 6: I like the detail put into the booger. AMAZING!!!
Day 7: I still am not sure what "slayaway" is a pun of. I get it's slay like santas slay but also this proves you need a high intelligence brain to fully understand the meaning of this beautiful animation.
Day 8: Shemar Moore is great in this!
Day 9: Frickin' love this!!!!
Day 10: you can tell that the art style was specificly engeniered to fit these characters personalitys because if you look at the background, it shows that sickanimations has the talent to make more realistic characters BUT decides not to because he wants to truely incapsulate the feeling of these characters and their life goals.
Day 11: beaitful, awesome, rad
Day 12: so freaking beatiful.
Day 13: I forgot this day
Day 14: I watched it 4 times to make up for day 13, i love chopper boy so much and im freaking devistated i missed a day but chopper boy cheered me up, as per usual.
Day 15: I love chopper boy so much oh my gosh
Day 16: dude idk how this didnt get 1st place on august 19th,2021. that is sick >:(
Day 17: holy shit is chopper boy not sitting on the seat?
Day 18: they both have beatiful skin
Day 19: chopper boy and his pal make the day shine bright
Day 20: almost missed chopper boy today, i am so happy i didn't though, this viewing has been fabulous
Day 21: Chopper boy has arm growth powers
Day 22: i repeated the words
Day 23: a blessing
Day 24: testing testing
Day 25: shemar moore is so graceful
Day 26: i forgot this day :(((
Day 27: i watched 3 times and im so upset at myself
Day 28: forgot to update. oopsies. i love chopper boy
Day 29: i dont know if i watched it this day. i think i did but im really not sure cuz i was so tired
Day 30: just to make sure, due to day 29, i watched chopper boy 3 times
Day 31: Oh yeah senorita
Day 32:i didnt watch bc i forgot :(
Day 35: check check!!!
Day 36: I watched chopper boy today because I love him and I need some good luck today
Day 37: helpful chopper boy
Day 38:i forgot:(
Day 39:i forgot:(
Day 40:i watched 5 times today to make up for the last two days
Day 41: Today, I had a red poop. Bc i was eating red velvet. But im also eating corn from chipolte. so the red food dye in my butt dyed the corn in my butt
Day 42: i forgot :(
Day 43: I watched 3 times. shemaaaaaarrr mooooorrrrreee
Day 45: I'm moving over to youtube. I love chopper boy but do not love newgrounds


Wonderful cartoon to watch before college classes start

@minecraftreaperful its edp445 when he sees a 13 yr old girl

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4.18 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2021
3:24 AM EDT