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Pokémenu (A Trip to the Veridian City Wet Market)

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After the DuckTales fatal farm parody, as well as the snuff art on Furaffinity, this has joined my disturbing things I've found on the web collection. But it's nicely animated.

Probably my favorite pokémon-related animation I've seen. I love how beautifully grounded it is, with details like squirtle's limbs having slightly different lengths of where they were cut. Most of charmander being discarded (likely inedible) is a morbid, sad, and pretty realistic detail.
The sound design is fantastic, making the whole thing feel completely believable, along with how straightforward and experienced each movement of the chef is, giving the feeling of an experienced master of his craft.

My favorite moment of animation is probably charmander being dragged onto the cutting board, it's very very satisfying.

I hope you make more like this in the future, there are a lot of pokémon I'd love to see how they'd be prepared for serving.

I don't know if it's wrong but I love it.
Please keep on making 'em.

very well made, but caught me off guard lmao

I guess this is a good way to make people think and reflect upon things, and it's well animated to boot. But well, it makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable and I think that's the entire point.

Brainqueen responds:

Thankyou for looking a little deeper

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3.20 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2021
9:36 PM EDT