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Fall Out Breaker: Carnival Conflict

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An animation project that took nearly three months,

There are aspects of this animation that I wish I had done better but with the limitations of my tools and the large amount of time this took me to complete, it could've been worse.

While this may not be attached to any existing series of mine, I hope you all can still enjoy this animation anyway :)

EDIT: Forgot a credit but the Fall Out Breaker Logo was created by captaintaco2345

Thank you for the support.

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I gotta say I really like this. You did a really good job on this.

Also I love/hate Felix for the simple fact that he’s cute and that he’s basically me to Fallout Breaker. XD

I’m loving this a lot! I think the animation could have used a bit more polish but you did a good job overall. If I had a 2D animation program I could work with, I’d offer to help smoothen the character movements if you want of course.

Good choice of music and the voice actors are doing a good job. And it's a good effort for something that's not animated in a dedicated animation program (which sadly comes with a monthly subscription fee that puts into question if it's worth getting).
Keep it up.

I do wonder if Felix is oblivious or if he's stupid, neither of which being flattering to him. XD

not very good. animation needs work.