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Foray and Scott: The Distraught Desert

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My first blender project, my first time writing a scripts for an animation, and my first time working with sound. Lots of ambition and lots of folly, it is an absolute mess.

I could lie and say the video is 320p as a reference to old cheap vhs copies of cartoons but really it was in order to render it on time (took 2.5 hours, would have taken 17 hours at 640p).

The video has a lot of errors and scenes that are too long and barely animated. The original script was over 7 minutes long but I cut it down for sanity sake.

The video was meant to be a weird combination of classic cartoons and pseudo 3d paper puppets that was purposefully weird but went more absurd than I planned.

Ultimately I learned a lot of what not to do.


dialogue generated with Uberduck.ai

a few models were taken from https://free3d.com/

various images sourced from Wikimedia

various public domain textures used

music used 'Paganini' by Neal and Nancy O'Doan and additional public domain tracks

sound effects from: timbre, ryanconway, amoyssiadis, taira komori, foolboymedia, vumseplutten1709, inspectorj, andrest2003, ddmyzik, mrtenoronha, xscreenplay, fthgurdy, jhyland, lukeo135, tosha73, cookies policy, and public domain sources.

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okay where did you get these iconic voice actors? i will not be able to sleep tonight until you answere me

coystags responds:

All dialogue was made using uberduck.ai. hopefully no one delivers audio like in the video.
The exact voices are,
Foray uses bullwinkel from rocky and bullwinkle
Scott uses yumi, from hi hi puffy amiyumi
Prince Horton uses toucan sam
Narrator uses cave johnson

I kept thinking about this animation even after the jam ended, something about it just stuck with me. I would describe it feeling like a high dream, incredibly surreal from the animation to script. Even though many parts were incredibly difficult to understand, I was laughing so hard at the clunky animation mixed in with the silly dialogue that it made it entertaining. I genuinely enjoyed the dialogue. If you plan to use more AI dialogue you should consider adding captions. I can tell a lot of effort was put into script writing because the humor complimented the absurdity of the animation and situation.
First time for everything I suppose. It made me reminiscent of my very first animation. I find your video encouraging in a way, seeing others try something for the first time and being ambitious to finish it.
I highly commend the effort on your first blender piece. Keep learning, let your ambition serve as your guide but never let it overwhelm you!

coystags responds:

Thanks, I will be sure to add subtitles in the future if I continue to use automated audio.

This was one of my favs in the Summer Animation Jam. This was equally familiar and original. The Bullwinkle impression was on point 11/10.

coystags responds:

The wonders of modern technology and all that. All dialogue was made using uberduck.ai so praise goes to them and their volunteers. It is good fun having classic characters say absurd things.

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2.96 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2021
2:55 AM EDT
  • Blender
  • Krita
  • Vegas Pro 13