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Super Fattening Berries (Blueberry inflation and Weight Gain comic dub)

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Comic by BardOfSwells

Voice acting by CoffeeCakeDemon https://twitter.com/coffeecakedemon

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I'm sure there exists a place somewhere on the internet for this. I don't know where it is, but i'm quite sure it's not here. I wish you luck finding this horrible, horrible place. May I never find it, and may anyone who does suffer from short term memory loss. Not one to kink shame but..... KINK SHAMING INTENSIFIES.

BerryTheDude responds:

Suck your mum

Yeah.... no.

BerryTheDude responds:

suck your mum

It's not really a movie to be honest, more of a comic dub. I don't know if that is considered to be "movie" material. I am not really this kinda stuff. The voice acting is meh, but the sound effects are actually not that bad. I'd suggest making this rated A so you will only have an 18 and up audience watching this. I would say that this belongs more on DeviantArt instead of NewGrounds, but the tagline here does say "Everything by Everyone", so I can't really argue too much with that. Just change the age rating and we're good.

BerryTheDude responds:

Okay first of all, No shit this is a comic dub and it's under movies, you know why BECUASE THERE ISN'T A FUCKING COMIC DUB SUBMISSION CATEGORY THE LAST TIME I CHECKED

and secondly Don't fucking insult my friend's voice acting.

Heck yeah, that was very good.