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Relight The Stars

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Apparently there is a glitch in the second to last boss fight of the game! This glitch sends the game into an infinite loop, which makes it impossible to finish. Sadly, I made this game on a trial version of MZ, and can't fix it. I can, however, offer to reveal the ending to anyone who reaches this point and wants to know the rest. Please message me.

It may be possible to pass this by NOT recruiting Vox, I've not been told either way. If someone wants to try this and let me know, I'd appreciate it.

There are 3 possible endings, and technically you can get the "good ending" without Vox.

I'm sorry for failing everyone...



The Fade has returned to the Star Kingdom, causing the powerful artifacts known as Stars to begin to fade away. It's up to a group of Star Knights to escort the Star Lighter Laura to the Stars to relight them by infusing them with new StarLight!

This game was created for the "Touch The Stars" GameJam!

Special Credit:

First opening scene  Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay

Second opening scene   Image by dom1706 from Pixabay

Third opening scene Image by  Gerd Altman   from Pixabay

Several  battlers  courtesy of  charlesthehurst  of  RPGMaker Central Forums

If you liked any of their work, please go and support them!

This game was made using RPGMaker MZ, a product of Gotcha Gotcha Games, published by Komodo Co., Ltd.

Please check out the GameJam here!

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the overall game is good and all, i like the story, the class of each f them and all, the onlu negative is that, where an inn or a bed to restore hp and mp, it kinda hard to survive like that, is it still in devloppement ?

Aslanemperor responds:

The bar has an inn in it. Also, each Star crystal will restore your health when you talk to them, which is free to use unlike the inn. The game was made in a rush for a game jam, and is certainly not perfect. Also, this is my first attempt at releasing a full game. I'm sorry about the flaws! My next game that I'm working on will be better.

Up to now I've played 30 minutes of the game and I did enjoyed it :D
After writting this I will continue playing.

My only complain is the font used during the Prologue. Is hard to read.

Aslanemperor responds:

Yeah. Sorry about that. I think I'm not very good with the program I use to make videos, because I couldn't do as good a job on the intro video as I'd like.

I love this. It feels legit. And I'm glad you called it the fade instead of the darkness. The music is cool. Pretty cool game.

Aslanemperor responds:

Thanks! Did you get a chance to read any of the books on the shelves? There's a lot of worldbuilding there.

part of the in game screen is somehow not shown in the game area I have, so I couldn't read part of the intro nor can leave the naming part (the confirm buttons are in the area that doesn't show for me)

edit: it's fixed now and I'll play it in a bit! I'm not sure if you'll be notified,I'm quite new on NG

Aslanemperor responds:

Thanks for pointing this out to me!
Edit: That's a relief! I may play with it a bit more because I think I need to hit a particular ratio. While I've been on Newgrounds forever and a day, this is my first REAL submission! I'm happy that this seems to be the only issue that cropped up so far! Enjoy the game!

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2021
6:40 PM EDT
Misc. Kit
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Magix Video Pro X