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Author Comments

well, i made this a long time ago and now i'm on work on part 4. i hope you'll like this one cause it took me a while to make it. and for those who don't like harry potter or anything to do wit harry potter. don't u say anything bad in yer comments. watch it then rate it. by putting shit in the comments like "blam this shit" and "it sucks", it just shows how ignorant u r and how low yer education level is. if u r gonna say bad stuff about my flash cartoon, ask yerself this! "can i make a better one" if u can! then prove it!
and for those who like my flash cartoons, thank u and i bet u'll like the next one.

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poor Terrnce Higgs

even a slytherin git like him dosent deserve to be whacked across the head, but thanks abyway you made fall further in love with the quidditch lads :D
i might go wath more vids


yea, magicianDICK is a jealous fuck...

magiciandude, apparently, is simply being a jealous magicianDICK, and i mean this with all sincerity. first of all-his flashes were so incredibly boring that i watched exactly 14 seconds before i decided that i wasnt ready to be bored to death, im too young to die, and i proceeded to turn the first 1 off as quickly as my arm would go. i obviously wasnt even willing to give the others a try. my advice to u is keep making flashes and ignore magiciandick because he is a hater, thats his job. cant blame some1 4 doin the only thing they kno how can we? (cuz he obviously sucks @ flash making)

now, on a much more pleasant note, ur flash rocked, real funny towards the end, and i usually keep my volume low, so who cares about the sound. nice job.

Gonna put a few things straight

People who have reviewed before me, have got their facts wrong because this is obviously the first Quidditch match Harry was in. In the first book Malfoy wasn't the seeker then, he became the seeker in the second book, so the artist got it right :D
I thought this was very funny, and who cares if the sound quality isn't the best? I've seen tons of flash movies with bad sound quality but they're still as funny.

magiciandude can kiss my hairy yellow ar*e

i mean just because he loves to annoy people by putting big, massive paragraphs, full of sh*t.
i happen to think the Author Jerrold zm is a brilliant flash maker and all his work is mint. but of corse every1 has diffrent opinions.

What's with all the good reviews?


This really wasn't that great...and DONT EVER just ask for good reviews...everyone hates that...its just almost like you said everyone who rates this low is stupid...well...I like Harry Potter, and I am smart enough to tell that this was terribly animated, could have been way better, most of it wasn't even frame by frame, just the same movie clips used over and over again...

Plus, you need WAY better sound, other than that...nvm...that's all I have to say...it just wasn't a work of art like I thought it would be after reading the reviews and your description...sorry man...

P.S. You're lucky I even gave you a one...

JZM responds:

i've just seen yer profile and the flash movies you made...well i'll just kip it to myself. first of all this movie was made like in 2003. which was 3 years ago. at that time most submissions to newgrounds weren't that great. only a few did a good job and at that time i was really proud of this cause it was my first time animating a chase scene. well we all learn from our mistakes and improve in time as you can see in my other submissions. people prefer frame by frame animation but thats up to them. i like using movie clips and motion tween to save time on animation. the only thing about a flash movie is to produce yer idea into reality and show it to the world as you saw fit through wat process you want. again, i'm still proud of this and i know its crappy but this is where i started and how my animations have become to this day. i got good reviews cause they believe this was a good flash movie. i'm sorry if you don't feel the same way.

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2003
7:42 AM EST