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The Urban Underdog

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Author Comments

Put your pedal to the metal as "The Urban Underdog" and race for your best time on randomly generated racetracks in this tough-as-nails, fast-paced, 3D driving game!

Scroll down on the game's frame to view extra controls. Share race tracks with friends via track codes, and create your own track by writing a track code! To input a track, paste it into the text box and click "Input Track From Code" in the top-right corner of the track preview screen.

I made this game in November to December of 2020 to teach myself the math and code required for 3D graphics. You can learn about the development process and go behind the scenes here: https://nickmbaker.com/urban-underdog/about.html

Video demo of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFesBdLkxMs

Video explanation of the math required to make the game work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRJY1z8hnXk

The game was programmed in Javascript, and uses PixiJS to render the basic graphics. All 3D graphics are made by me.

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Good evening it is Garry Goodsmell. I am excited to review this Game. I am a esteemed video Game reviewer on this site with many high profile reviews under my belt. Not everyone Gets the great honor of having their Game reviewed by a professional newGrounds Game reviewer, but I must say that this Game has really impressed me. I have reviewed over 1256 Games. I have Given 123 1 star reviews, 76 2 star reviews, 17 3 star reviews, 3 4 star reviews, and I am proud to say that this Game receives my first 5 star review. The composition, the colors, the maps, the subtle details - this Game is the best Game I have ever played. My compliments to the Game developer

bro it's like, almost ok..
but this needs to be reformatted... quick. it's like you uploaded a webpage or something. left clicking makes you go forward which works, but it also highlights text and moves the whole window down while playing if you move it too far.
the control layout is terrible. seriously, try placing your fingers comfortably according to what they're supposed to be, it's impossible. thankfully, you don't need more than W to go forward and mouse. that's bc the turning radius is so small & the turn itself is so quick, you don't need to drift or break.
that said, it does work well, looks ok, but whatever format it's in needs to change first

nickybakes responds:

Thank you for taking the time to play the game and give feedback! I'm a bit confused/curious by your complaints about the controls, however. The game does not require you to hold left click to steer, you just need to move the mouse side to side, so it shouldn't be highlighting any text.

I'm also confused by your complaint about how placing your fingers comfortably is impossible. When I play the game, I place my right hand on the mouse, and left hand where the WASD keys are, with my left thumb on the space bar. I hold W with my left middle finger, and tap space to drift with my thumb. I also can press E to turn on auto-accelerate, so I don't have to hold W, and I just focus on tapping space. I rarely use the brake or mirror, but those can easily be pressed by pinky on shift and ring or middle finger on Q.

Please let me know how you were playing/controlling the game. The control scheme was comfortable for me when I designed the game, but I want to know how I can improve it for others. Thank you!

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2021
1:34 PM EDT
  • PixiJS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript